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  • Ramadan Reflections #2

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    Day 8 Hot days make me grateful knowing I will break my fast. Unfortunately, world hunger is happening. The crippling reality is that some people won’t even break their fast. They will continue to fast long after Ramadan has gone. Day 9 The fasts can be hard but the struggle is what make them special. Through […]

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  • Ramadan Reflections #1

    Ramadan Reflections #1

    Ramadan Mubarak!!! 🎉 I hope you’re having a wonderful Ramadan full of laughter, happiness, reflection and self improvement! I am starting a series called ‘Ramadan Reflections’ which is a collection of my thoughts throughout Ramadan. Hope y’all enjoy reading the random thoughts that drift through my mind. 🙂 Day 1 Ramadan: the energiser of the mind and soul. […]