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  • Ramadan Reflections #4

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    Day 22 Imagine drinking the waters of the heavens. They quench your thirst eternally. Day 23 Ya Rabb forgive me, And forgive this ummah. Day 24 How fast time goes. Cherish every moment. They pass by quicker than a blink. Day 25 Ya Rabb, Bring perpetual peace to those suffering an unreckonable suffering. Day 26 […]

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  • Ramadan Reflections #3

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    Day 15 Allah is the All Hearer and All Knower. He hears your prayers, He knows what is right for you. Never despair when your dua isn’t accepted, For it was better for you. If only you knew. Day 16 I am powerful. For I have an unreckonable force above me, Allah SWT. Day 17 […]