Ramadan Reflections #4

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Day 22

Imagine drinking the waters of the heavens.
They quench your thirst eternally.

Day 23

Ya Rabb forgive me,
And forgive this ummah.

Day 24

How fast time goes.
Cherish every moment.
They pass by quicker than a blink.

Day 25

Ya Rabb,
Bring perpetual peace to those suffering an unreckonable suffering.

Day 26

Ramadan, I will miss you deeply.

Day 27

Ramadan teaches us many lessons. One of them being the importance of family. Ramadan brings families together. Those who never sit together for a meal throughout the year, in Ramadan they sit together. Patiently waiting for maghrib time to come, and together they break their fast with a date. Ramadan strengthens family bonds and communication. It reignites our appreciation of our caring, selfless and encouraging families. That appreacition that was long lost amidst the many missed family dinners and our chaotic lifestyle.
This Ramadan I refound my love for family dinners. May Allah continue to allow the love between family members to grow and allow broken family ties to be mended. Ameen thumma ameen.

Day 28


Day 29

Ramadan departs us, leaving our hearts heavy but our souls lighter. Leaving us with renewed intentions, higher imaan, healthier bodies, detoxified minds and closer to Allah SWT.

Ramadan, you were so good to us. So nurturing and tranquil. You equipped us with successful habits, which, In Shaa Allah, we will continue to implement throughout the year. May we all live to witness your beauty again.

Till next year (In Shaa Allah), Salam.


And just like that Ramadan came to an end….


Happy Eid

I pray that your Eid is as awesome as you are!

…and remember this is gonna be a good life! 😀

Fathima 🙂

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