Ramadan Reflections #3

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Day 15

Allah is the All Hearer and All Knower.

He hears your prayers,

He knows what is right for you.

Never despair when your dua isn’t accepted,

For it was better for you.

If only you knew.

Day 16

I am powerful.

For I have an unreckonable force above me,

Allah SWT.

Day 17

Have faith in yourself,

your abilities,

your strengths.

If you can’t,

Then have faith in Allah for he has faith in you.

Day 18

Ya Rabb I thank you for my beautiful family and friends.
Ya Rabb I thank you for all the opportunities,
The blessings,
The experiences,
The lessons.

Day 19

I am strongest in sujood.
I can conquer this world when my head is in submission to the Al-Mighthy.
SubhanAllah, a feeling incomparable to any other.

Day 20

To Him we belong, and to Him we return.

Day 21

An obession.
Why are we so obessed with food?


See you in the next part of this series! 💃

…and remember this is gonna be a good life! 😀

Fathima 🙂


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