It’s All About Perception


Perception. It’s a pretty big deal. There’s eyesight and then there’s perception – the lens between our eyes and an object/situation. It’s how we perceive situations. Do you tend to perceive situations with positivity and try to extract every ounce of goodness from it? Perception can literally change the way we view our world.

In order to have a positive perception, you have to instill the understanding that everything happens for the best. I know, it’s cliche and I say it way too much. But really. It does. You can either get into a rut everytime you’re faced with a difficult or undesirable situation and remain stagnant. OR you could review the hidden benefits and move forward. How will the outcome of this situation add to my happiness? How will this experience allow me to grow into a better me? Perhaps, Allah is putting you through this so he can empty your hands for an even greater gift. SubhanAllah! Have you ever thought of it like that?!

For example, the other day me and my friends were in city centre and a man approached us and told us that his ‘gang’ and him will soon remove the ‘hoods’ (aka hijabs) from our heads. Now, apart from this racist encounter being completely unjust and his claim being absolutely nonsensical (jeez, it’s a hijab not a hood!!), I could’ve gotten bogged down by his remarks and lived in fear but I choose to perceive it in a different light. I perceived the sisterhood between my friends and how we will always have each other’s backs. I perceived that some people in this world lack education about other religions and cultures and we should strive to educate them and show them how beautiful people of different faiths and cultures are. I perceived that my hijab gives me power, the power to say that I will wear whatever I want no matter what people say to me. The power to be a physical reminder that I have the freedom to cover my body. The racist remark did not oppress me, or scare me, but rather it did the opposite! It empowered me and encouraged me to show the world what a beautiful religion Islam is!!

…and remember this is gonna be a good life! 😀

Fathima 🙂

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