It’s Ok to Be Sad by Nouman Ali Khan

its ok to be sad

When Jacob was crying over the death of Prophet Yusuf and his sons told him to stop crying he said “ I am only complaining about my grief and trouble to Allah”. Yes, we do find comfort in each other but another person won’t be able to fully understand my pain nor will you be able to fully understand their pain, only Allah will be able to truly understand what you are going through and sympathise with you better than your greatest friend.

Jacob said to his sons, “I know something of Allah that you don’t know”, this shows that you should put your trust in Allah, know that He knows you like nobody else knows you. He looks after you like no body else looks after you, He sympathises with you like nobody else. So your first wave of complaint and lament is actually to Allah, “Ya Allah, I’m going through this.” – and it’s ok to cry!

For example, when someone’s family member dies you cry because we are human and it’s ok to be sad, after all we are not robots! When a prophet can cry over someone for years again and again and when his sons tell him to stop crying he said, “I’m only crying to Allah, what’s bothering you? This is between Him and me’. Allah didn’t deny the beautiful emotion of sadness, it is necessary for you and Allah doesn’t think less of you if you cry or feel sad. Prophets had these emotions, it’s in the Qur’an. So how can you deny this truth? When we complain and cry to Allah, he is ok with that. It will give you relief like nobody else! SubhaAllah!

May Allah give us relief in our moments of sadness and allow us to not be repressive ourselves or others when it comes or expressing our feelings. Ameen!

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