Be Sensitive

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Why is being sensitive a trait people hide? Why does society deem people who are sensitive as weak? Why is sensitivity inferiority? For a long time I thought being sensitive was a bad attribute and was something I tried to conceal but what I failed to realise was that sensitive people embrace their emotions; they feel their emotions in all its raw intensity. That’s not weakness, that’s liberation. Sensitive people don’t need to grow tough skin because we want to feel the rawness of emotions. Sure we get hurt easily, but that’s the beauty of it! If we never embraced the pain in life and ‘toughened up’ then we wouldn’t have grown, we wouldn’t have learnt valuable lessons. If we get hurt easily then we also get happy easily. The small things of everyday life give us happiness.

We feel emotions deeply, not just skin deep but heart deep. We connect with situations on an insanely deep level – we embody situations, memories. Memories aren’t a fleeting moment for us they are lifelong memoirs. Being sensitive shouldn’t be something you should be ashamed of and feel the need to put on an act of being tough because sensitivity is a blessing. Sensitivity doesn’t allow a situation to be mere moments, sensitivity adds meaning to moments. It allows you to truly embrace the wholeness of the moment and intensely feel the emotions encased within it.

Experiencing feelings more intensely isn’t weakness, its freedom. You FEEL your emotions instead of bottling them up and putting them aside. You embrace your feelings and flourish.

…and remember this is gonna be a good life! 😀


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